$150 Program Announcement

The idea is to offer our customers the opportunity to aquire any pair of Gen 2 Nomad boots from us for $150.00!!

In order to qualify for this program, customers must complete the following requirements.

1 - Create a Youtube video reviewing your Nomad Gen 2 boots.

2 - The video must be at least 3 minutes long in time.

3 - You must tag us in the caption/title for your review video.

Please note you are not required to show your individual self, you may simply show the boots if you prefer.

Once the video is uploaded, simply email us and we can verify then process your $70.00 refund or a $75.00 gift card for future purchases that does not expire.

Email us at support@dievierofficial.com or message us via live chat to begin the process.

Additional Incentives

[ Only one incentive may be applied per pair of Nomad Gen 2 boots ]

$70.00 refund for a 3 minute youtube video

$75.00 store credit for a 3 minute youtube video

$20.00 refund for a written review

$25.00 store credit for a written review 

$40.00 refund for a 1 minute youtube short 

$45.00 store credit for a 1 minute youtube short

For any youtube videos, you must tag @dievierofficial.com in the caption/title for the video.