Note From The Founders

Hello, we are Gustavo and Daniel, the founders of Dievier. We created our brand to drive a new lifestyle of premium footwear, handmade in small batches in North America.
Our journey started just a few years ago when, in our mid-20s, we discovered the incredible craftsmanship of locally made, hand-built footwear. Fascinated by the resilience of North American boots and the comfort and quality of European standards, we sought to bring these two aspects together to develop our own brand. The goal was to combine aesthetics with industrial artistry to serve an ever-growing market of footwear enthusiasts seeking upscale, robust, and high-quality products.
Setting out to create the best everyday shoes, we heavily invested in research and development. Taking well established footwear brands and analyzing pair after pair of their bestsellers, we identified all the essential components that make great walking shoes. Together with the help of one of the best cobblers, a true genius who single-handedly secured contracts with some of the most popular brands in the world, we were able to bring our shoe design ideas to life. To scale our manufacturing, we partnered with one of the best engineers in the state of Guanajuato, someone whose talent and commitment to honesty placed him in a class of his own.
The result of our efforts and our incredible team’s work is what you see today: a quality footwear brand that celebrates local craftsmanship and upscale designs. We take pride in providing premium products at honest pricing and invite you to join us in re-discovering what it means to experience handmade quality and style.